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100% Organic Coconut...

...that is what KULAU products are made of  —  no more and no less...

Our products stem from carefully selected organic coconut plantations and are as pure as nature intended. We refrain from using any form of additives such as preservatives, flavourings or colourings in our products. Dealing in an ethical, fair and sustainable manner is of great importance to us at KULAU and this is reflected in our business culture.

Why Coconuts?

The coconut palm tree offers many different products and applications, most of which are unknown in Europe. Locals from tropical countries for example, consume the natural water that is present in young green coconuts, directly from the fruit. A young coconut can contain up to 800ml of this water. Coconut water is low in calories and fat, contains no cholesterol, is rich in valuable minerals such as potassium and is the only naturally occurring drink that is isotonic, i.e. it is electrolytic in nature. This makes coconut water one of the best drinks  on the planet to re-hydrate and replenish oneself after any form of physical or mental exertion.

Various scientific studies have confirmed the immense benefits of certain pure coconut products like coconut water and coconut oil.

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